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Association of Citizens for Supporting South
Korean Atomic Bomb Victims.

Give them aid immediately!

Their age will not allow all the atomic bomb victims in South Korea to survive another ten years. Give them useful aid before it is too late.

How should Japan compensate for the civilian victims of World War U?
    Introduction: Problems of South Korean Atomic Bomb Victims.
Activities of Association of Citizens.
Further information about the problems of South
Korean Atomic Bomb Victims.
(English) (2001.11.16 updated)
For more information: We recommend these books.

(All written in Japanese).

  New publication! (99.11.14 updated)

Walk hand in hand!
(The victims of the Atomic Bomb living in the fireign countries will unite.
(Japanese) (99.11.23 updated)
Please make contact with us.
(English) (00.10.9 updated)

The Hague Peace Appeal

(English) (Updated: Sept.26, 2000)

Updated Page !

Returning to Home after the War(Updated: Nov. 16, 2001)

Establishment of South Korea atomic bomb victim society.(English)
(Updated: Dec. 9.2000)

What does "Korean-Hibakusha" mean?

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