'NO more world peace if the nuclear weapons exist inthe world'

Netherlands 'The Hague Peace Appeal" Conference
May, 11 - May, 15, I999
Korea Atomic Bomb Casualty Association
President. Choi, Il Chul

Korea Atomic Bomb Casualty Association
President. Choi, Il Chul

Choi Il Chul
President Korea Atomic Bomb Casual Association
Office : #4-221, Dongsomun-Dong, Sungbuk-Gu,
Seoul 136-034, Republic of Korea
Tel :82(02)926-4917
Fax : 82(02)926-8678

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I am the president of Korea Atomic Bomb Association. Choi Il Chul.

Half a century has gone by since the atomic bomb were dropped in Nagasaki. Hiroshima. Japan on 1945.

The present situation of nuclear weapons can't bear comparison with the time when 2 nuclear bombs were dropped in Japan on 1945. No doubt that they are more powerful and huge efficiency. Supposing the Nuclear war is broken out in this situation, the drop of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan must have considerably been trivial. However, we should remind that case even if it has been totally insignificant compared to the present situation, then open our eyes to how will they have an influence on the world if the nuclear war may break out.

When I was 12 years old, the bomb was blown up l,3km away from my house, Fortunately, I was at home at the right time, therefore, I could avoid strong heat rays. Although the house was fell down by a bomb blast, my life was narrowly saved as my body was sandwiched between furniture's. During the black rainy days, I had stayed inside of some building. So, I could avoid being bombed by radiant rays. Out of my family, my brother-in-law has disappeared since that. My elder brother was bombed near exploded area and he passed away upon coming back from relief shelter. Furthermore, my parents have also passed away when they came back to Korea as they had gone about street to find our family for several days.

In the end of 1945, according to the administrative survey officially announced by the department of the interior, Japan. Korean casualties were estimated about 70,000 in Hiroshima and 30,000 in Nagasaki. Estimated that about 50,000 victims out of 100,000 were bombed to death. Of survivors, about 7,000 remained behind Japan, the rest was estimated to go back to South Korea or North Korea.

Within 5 years after the return home, 69%(6930 out of 9,900) of the heavy wounded passed away. 32%(5,300 out of 16,500) of the slight injured passed away. 34%(5,600 out of 16,000) of non-injured and other 6% passed away. Some might pass away during the Korea War. Consequently, here are about 10,000 persons who still exist.

Now, About 2,300 victims are registered in the Korea Atomic Bomb Casualty Association. Of them, 4-50 persons per year have passed away with age, but new casualties, 4-50 persons per year from Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan are registered at present. Therefore, the number of our members is unchanged till now.

Truly, The casualty in Korea have lived with a triple handicaps. The triple handicaps are;

First, we were controlled by Japanese imperialism as a colony for 36 years. Due to the severe colonial policies, many people left our country, then they have settled down in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan. Furthermore, we were forced to show great sincerity in our service to the emperor of Japan during the Pacific War. So, many Korean were compulsory drafted, commandeered and suffered from compulsory labor in Nagasaki, Japan.

Second, since then, the drop of nuclear bomb in Japan was strongly recognized as only the historical circumstances such as Independence and Release from Japan Imperialism. Therefore, people won't feel sympathy
with the casualty who were bombed. Consequently, the casualty left alone beyond them.

Third, In Japan, the medical law regarding Atomic Bomb was established in 1957, but, it was not established for Korean casualty.

The worst behavior after a war was that the Japanese never tried to give compensation to the Korea and some Asian countries against the pervious aggressive acts with the attitude of an onlooker. We were indeed damaged by severe colony policies and aggressive war. The Japanese should compensate for our damages and suffers caused by them and take all responsible for them.

In addition, they must give compensation for them to our country with any means.
The law supporting the casualty who were bombed was established on 1994. However, there were no provisions related with nationality, residence, any conditions, etc.

To connect with communities in Japan, I am constantly struggling for the common use of the law related with the atomic bomb casualty in order to apply to Korean casualties.

The atomic bombs dropped in Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Japan were just TNT 20 KT in a scale. However, it was much ruined while making the life killed in those cites by a thousand heat rays, huge blast, lethal radiant rays, etc .

Nowadays, Nuclear weapons have mega-ton power made from a H-bomb. If the war with it happens to break out, all will lose their control.

Therefore, we should remind this case to prevent nuclear war in the future.
If the nuclear war breaks out someday, positive to be the last day to human-beings.
No more world peace if the nuclear weapons exist in the world.

In the end, I pray for your happiness and world peace! Hope all nuclear weapons are gone, sooner or later.

Very faithfully regards.

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