Association of Citizens for Supporting South Korean Atomic Bomb Victims.
(Updated: Dec. 28, 2000)

This group works on and helps all the foregin victims of the Atomic Bomb
including more than 20,000 South Korean victims. 

Help Hibakusya(A-Bomb victims)in Korea and other countries !


STATEMENT Jun, 17, 2001
(Mr. Kwak Qui-hun and Korean Society of Human Rights Representative)


The Hague Peace Appeal

(Updated: Sept.26, 2000)

  Medical treatment for the atomic bomb victims in South Korea.


This Homepage introduces some of the citizen's movements which support the Atomic Bomb victims living in the foreign countries including South Korea.
Japanese government has refused to apply "Atomic Bomb Victims Relief Law(Hibakusha engo Hou)" to the foreign victims of the Atomic Bomb, although they have suffered as much as the Japanese victims have.                         

  Let all the victims of the atomic bomb living in the foreign countries be under the “Relief Law”!

 We ask your sign! Downroad(Japanese now)Adobe Acrobat Reader

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Hiroshima Committee:Supporting the foreign victims of A- bomb living in South Korea to come to Japn for medical care.   (Updated: oct.18,'98)
 This is an unofficial activity for supporting the foreign victims of the atomic bomb living in South Korea. This commitee invites the foreign victims to Japan for the medical traatment, which they can not recieve its benefit under the Atomic Bomb Victims Rilief Law.
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