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Please send e-mail or fax messages to the Japanese government ministers in support of the ruling by the Osaka District Court on the responsibility of the government for the health-care of Hibakusha living outside Japan.

As you may already know, Judge Jun Miura of the Osaka District Court ruled that the Osaka prefectural government's failure to pay medical allowances to atomic bomb victims currently residing abroad was against the fundamental goals of the Atomic Victims Relief Law. We need your support to stop the government from appealing this case to a higher court. Please send your oppinions to the following people before the 15th of June, the deadline for appealing.

The official Webster of the Kantei (Official Residence) of the Prime Minister of Japan. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi
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Fax (International) -81-3-3581-3883

Ministry of Health and Welfare(Chikara SAKAGUCHI)
Fax (International)-81-3-3595-2020

Ministry of Justice(Moriyama Mayumi)

This message is informing you of the current court case regarding the Korean survivor.

On the 1st of June, there was a decision made by the District Court in Osaka with regard to a Korean survivor.

The survivor was claiming to the Court that his right to receive the financial support from the Japanese Government was invalidity canceled by the Osaka Prefecture when he left Japan to Korea in July, 1998 (He obtained a Medicare card when he came to Japan in May, 1998).

The Court ruled that considering the humanitarian purpose of the Hibakusha Aid Act, it is impossible to interpret that nuclear survivors living overseas should be excluded from the health care plan. Also, the court pointed out that this exclusion might contradict with the Article 14 of the Japanese Constitution which assures the equality principle under law.

Now there has been a social movement among the supporters for the nuclear survivors to lobby the Government not to appeal against this decision made by the District Court.

They are still discriminated by Japanese government.
Please save them!